Engaging the Business Sector in VET: Working Tool for Policy Dialogue and Project Design



Part 1: Study

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Short Version Study

Part 2: Questionnaire

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Online Questionnaire

1re Partie: Étude

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2e Partie: Questionnaire

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What is the Purpose of the Working Tool?

The working tool reveals how the relevance, quality and attractiveness of VET can be increased by an (enhanced) engagement of the business sector. It includes two parts:

  • Part 1 (Study) offers a theoretical overview on where, how and under what conditions the private sector can be involved.
  • Part 2 (Questionnaire) enables you to transfer key elements of the study to your work. It facilitates systematic analysis, planning and further development of your VET project and ideas.

What Does Part 1 (Study) Provide?

The study

  • explains the goals to be achieved by VET and why cooperation with the business sector is essential. In addition, it provides information on particularly relevant framework conditions;
  • defines within the so-called ‘reference framework’ different areas of (enhanced) engagement;
  • offers useful hints for the implementation of the presented elements within a project, including a catalogue of arguments for dialogue with the business sector.

What is the Purpose of Part 2 (Questionnaire)?

The questionnaire supports you in applying the considerations of the study to your own project. In addition, it helps you to structure the dialogue and negotiations within project teams or with partners from the business sector, ministries and other stakeholders. The web-based version of the questionnaire allows you to enter your answers quickly and subsequently provides you with a summary of the data.

Who Benefits from the Working Tool?

The working tool supports donors, project collaborators and other players in the field of development cooperation in their policy dialogue and in the implementation of VET projects and programs.

Who is Behind the Working Tool?

The working tool has been developed by Prof. Dr. D. Euler (Institute of Business Education and Educational Management, University of St. Gallen), on behalf of the Donor Committee for dual Vocational Education and Training (DC dVET).

Offer to DC dVET Members and Projects

The Donor Committee offers the possibility to discuss the completed questionnaire in the frame of an advisory (long-distance) talk with the DC dVET Secretariat and a technical expert.

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