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Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland make use of their combined strength in the field of dual VET in development cooperation.

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We pool our expertise and create synergies.

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The topic of dual VET is evolving dynamically.

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Unser Fokus in der Berufsbildung in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit


VET as part of development cooperation is complex and demanding.

What are the key issues?

We identify core issues and demonstrate how VET can be implemented.

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Unsere Referenz: und Vergleich von dualen Berufsbildungssystemen


As a knowledge hub, we provide a wide range of information.

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In Focus

How can companies be convinced to engage in dual VET? Are cost-benefit analyses an adequate tool to convince them in any case? What are the practical experiences in development cooperation with such kind of analyses? Are there alternatives and other convincing arguments? Learn more from our latest newsletter.

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Are you looking for something in particular? In Resources you will find a broad range of information on dual VET. Browse the latest literature in the library or download our publications and videos. Did you miss any DCdVET event? Here you can find the main content.

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