Title: Companies Engaging in dual VET: Do Financial Incentives Matter? Approaches in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland – Options, Pros and Cons for Reform Processes. Discussion Note
Author(s): ibw Austria – Research & Development in VET (Kurt Schmid)
Editor: Donor Committee for dual Vocational Education and Training DC dVET
Document category: Studies & Tools
Publication: 2019
Path: Resources | DC dVET Publications
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The discussion note treats the question if financial incentives are an adequate and/or decisive measure for companies to engage in VET. The paper presents different types of incentive schemes and discusses the pros and cons of providing incentives. It identifies key questions and offers information about the approaches applied in the DC dVET member countries and some recent concepts from Eastern European countries.

From the content:

  • Design Options for Financial Subsidies
    – Direct Subsidies
    – Indirect Subsidies
    – Elements of Training Funds
  • Pros and Cons of Providing Financial Incentives to Training Companies
    – General Considerations
    – Effects of Financial Incentives on the Engagement of Companies in VET
    – In-Kind Investments
  • Selected Examples of Financial Incentive Concepts
    – Austria
    – Germany
    – Liechtenstein
    – Switzerland
    – Slovak Republic
    – Hungary
    – Comparison of the Presented Subsidization Schemes