The DC dVET offers various services to its members, their projects and partners. The aim of all services is to support you needs-based and tailor-made. The services are basically the following, but do not hesitate to contact us for any other concerns:

E-Learning Kurse

Learn basic knowledge, terminology, and the most important facts on dual VET in development cooperation

DC dVET Webinare und Workshops zu spezifischen Themen mit Bezug zur dualen Berufsbildung Source: Swisscontact

Participate in webinars & workshops and use the documentation

DC dVet expert support to integrate dual VET elements into your policy dialogue, your country program or a specific project component, Source: Swisscontact

Benefit from demand-based and tailor-made support in policy dialogue or project implementation

The DC dVET is convinced that demand-oriented and well targeted networking can make an important contribution to the (further) development of dual VET projects. Source: Swisscontact

Make use of contacts to members, projects, partners and experts