DC dVET Expert Support

Use DC dVET expertise for your own work!

Are you looking for support to integrate dual VET elements into your policy dialogue, your country program or a specific project component or do you have a specific question or challenge related to dual VET? If so, then do not hesitate to contact us and to make use of the DC dVET demand-based and tailor-made expert support.

To get familiar with DC dVET’s key topics and expertise, have a look at our publications and resources (Overview Paper).

Requirements for expert support

  • Short and one-time consultations related to a key topic of the DC dVET are open and free to everybody.
  • A longer, more extensive and customized support – as shown in the examples below – can be offered if at least two DC dVET members (ADA, BMZ, LED or SDC) and/or their projects have a common interest and are approaching the DC dVET together.

For both types of support, it is not required that your program or project is a dual one. Whenever you are interested in addressing or assessing dual aspects such as the involvement of the business sector, we are ready to support you.

Some examples of expert support delivered in the past

In Benin, the DC dVET supported the national government on behalf and in close cooperation with SDC and BMZ/GIZ in the process of drafting a national VET strategy and law. The DC dVET experts commented in detail on the draft documents and also travelled to Benin to provide technical support to the partners.

On the request of the German (BMZ/GIZ) and Swiss (SDC/UNDP) projects in Georgia, the DC dVET co-organized a country workshop moderating an in-depth exchange among the DC dVET members and their projects to work towards a common understanding and position on dual VET in Georgia and the respective by-law on VET that was in elaboration at the time. This internal part was followed by a one day workshop with the most important external partners to share the results and identify topics for further collaboration. Following that workshop, the DC dVET was supporting the projects in conducting a survey among training companies aiming to identify key factors that facilitate or complicate their engagement in training. DC dVET supported the elaboration of the questionnaire and analysis of the results.

The German (BMZ/GIZ) and the Swiss (seco/Swisscontact) VET projects in Indonesia inquired DC dVET’s support for their plans to jointly conduct a cost-benefit analysis for companies engaging in (dual) VET as a mean to mobilize the private sector for a broader participation in VET. After an in-depth analysis by the DC dVET experts, it was decided to cut the process into smaller steps and conduct a qualitative rather than quantitative analysis. DC dVET supported the process of data collection and analysis as well as the design of a high-level event with all responsible ministries and partners. Prof. St. C. Wolter on behalf of the DC dVET presented results and gave recommendations for the national TVET strategy. More information about this interesting journey can be found in this interview with the projects and their partners.

Moldova is one of the few countries where all DC dVET members have VET projects. The DC dVET supported them at different points in time, starting with a country workshop to discuss the opportunities and challenges of dual VET in Moldova together with local stakeholders. Since then, the DC dVET has provided occasional support including a thematic input and expert discussion on the issue of financial incentives for Moldova, a detailed consultation and virtual exchange on a draft law on apprenticeships, and an assistance in preparing a preliminary cost-benefit study to clarify whether a full study would be possible and reasonable.

The examples show that the DC dVET expert support is quite diverse and completely customized. In any case, there is a close coordination process with the DC dVET secretariat to ensure that the consultation meets the needs of the requesting members and projects.

Are you interested in such an expert support? Contact us and we can work out the details: coordination@dcdualvet.org