Title: Dual VET in Austria Germany, Liechtenstein  and Switzerland: Comparative Expert Study
Author(s): ibw Austria – Research & Development in VET (Wolfgang Bliem, Alexander Petanovitsch, Kurt Schmid)
Editor: Committee for dual Vocational Education and Training DC dVET
Document category: Studies & Tools
Publication: August 2016
Path: Resources | DC dVET Publications
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Dual VET has a long tradition in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It is regarded as an important reason for the low youth unemployment in the four countries. The international interest in the topic is correspondingly high. Today experts widely agree that dualVET systems cannot be transferred as a whole to other countries and contexts. Nevertheless, there are features and success factors that can serve as a point of reference for other countries.

This study presents the core elements of the dual systems of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland in detail. It describes similarities and differences and points to important reference documents.

From the content:

  • Economic framework conditions and historical development
  • Main features and success factors of dual VET systems
  • Neighbouring systems: CVET, labour market information and labour market measures
  • Terminology