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Blended Learning

Le Certificate of Advanced Studies – CAS sur l’intervention dans des dispositifs de développement des compétences fait partie du Diploma of Advanced Studies (Executive Diploma) sur le développement des compétences. Le CAS, organisé en collaboration avec la Haute Ecole fédérale en Formation Professionnelle, est un parcours de 10 ECTS pour les décideurs et les praticiens de l’EFTP / développement des compétences, articulé autour de trois modules qui portent respectivement sur la pédagogie professionnelle, la gestion des Centres de formation professionnelle et la numérisation des dispositifs de formation professionnelle.

Date limite d’inscription 17.10.2022

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Introduction to the course

The ITCILO organizes this online course for TVET specialists, managers and teachers of TVET centres in order to rapidly develop their capacities for transforming available materials to suit online delivery and also operate distance learning programmes with a strong focus on multimedia, digital (incl. mobile) and interactive learning solutions. The materials designed for this course will be used to sustainably improve TVET Centres’ overall distance learning capacity and trainers’ skills to lead e-Learning delivery in TVET; this will benefit TVET systems’ effectiveness and quality in the short and in the long-term in delivering eLearning and blended learning as part of a modern approach to TVET. This e-Learning training offer is part of ITCILO’s Skills Development portfolio, which targets worldwide capacity building needs to support the implementation of TVET and skills development programmes. The course lasts for a total of 7 weeks, with 5 weeks of tutor-based modules and 2 weeks dedicated to the finalization of their project.

Who attends this course?
Representatives, managers and staff of key TVET stakeholders, such as:
• Pedagogical staff of TVET trainers’ training centres;
• Curriculum developers, didactical and managerial staff in National Training Authorities
• TVET teachers and trainers, in-company trainers and mentors;
• Managers of vocational training centres;
• Experts and technical staff from CSOs, NGOs and other civil society actors, working in the field of TVET

English, French



1,055 EUR

You can find more information here.


Big Data for Labour Market Intelligence


The European Training Foundation (ETF) started the project “Big Data for Labour Market Intelligence” in 2019, targeting development of an innovative data system for analysis of skills demand. The system is based on online job vacancies (advertisements), collected from web sources. In the first phase (2019-2021) the project achieved tangible results, notably the establishment of the databases and online visualisation platforms (dashboards) in three countries (Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia). In 2022 the project started a new phase, marked by the inclusion of additional countries in the data system (Egypt and Kenya), upgrade of data quality and exploration of new themes and data sources. ETF works with a specialised consortium of data scientists and researchers (LightCast and CRISP – University Milano Bicocca).

Every year the project carries out regular capacity development programmes, and all resources and learning materials are accessible online for any interested institution. In the dedicated YouTube channel you find over 20 videos covering different aspects of the concepts, methodology, analysis and use cases.

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Future of VET: the way forward


The conference will provide an opportunity for policy-makers, stakeholders, experts and researchers to discuss the final findings of the future of vocational education and training (VET) project.

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Neue Welten erkunden – Digitalisierung in der Beruflichen Orientierung

Berlin Berlin

Die Digitalisierung beeinflusst längst alle Lebensbereiche unserer Gesellschaft. Sie prägt unseren Alltag, unsere Kommunikation, unsere Arbeit. Sie verändert Berufsbilder, die Art des Arbeitens, Anforderungen an Betriebe und Beschäftigte, die Ausbildung – und damit auch die Berufliche Orientierung. Diese nimmt neue, durch den digitalen Wandel hervorgebrachte Inhalte aus der Arbeitswelt auf und integriert sie in ihre Konzepte.

Als Förderer der Digitalisierung verfolgt das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung mit dieser Tagung das Anliegen, aktive Impulse für die digitale Weiterentwicklung seines Erfolgsprogramms zu setzen. Freuen Sie sich auf ein anspruchsvolles, hochkarätiges und unterhaltsames Programm, das die Brücke zwischen modernen digitalen Elementen und persönlichem Austausch schlägt!

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17th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting

Fairmont Hotel 80 Bras Basah Road, Singapur, Singapore

The 17th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) of the International Labour Organization (ILO), will be held from 6 to 9 December 2022 in Singapore.

The APRM brings together government ministers, representatives of workers‘ and employers‘ organizations, and academics from Asia, the Pacific and the Arab States. The APRM will discuss concrete steps to drive job-rich growth that is inclusive and transformative and offers a timely opportunity to revitalize decent work as the driving force for a robust, human-centred recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Powering the European digital transition


The main aim of the conference is to discuss with the European policy and expert community, social partners and a wider group of stakeholders and participants the main findings of Cedefop’s 2nd ESJS focused on digitalisation and skill mismatches in Europe. As part of the conference, Cedefop will aim to involve expert and other participants in reflecting on the implications of the findings for up- and re-skilling, vocational education and training (VET) and skills policies.

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VET Winter Workshop 2023

EHB, Eidgenössisches Hochschulinstitut für Berufsbildung Kirchlindachstrasse 79, Zollikofen, Bern

The aim of the VET Winter Workshop is to discuss relevant (future) research topics and research questions across disciplines. VET research should foster collaboration and exchange between researchers from different disciplines and build bridges for a transdisciplinary approach to VET issues. An institutionalization of the workshop on a regular annual basis is foreseen to facilitate the strengthening of the contacts between VET researchers in Switzerland but also internationally.

The 2023 Winterworkshop is dedicated to the question “Who dares to criticize the best system in the world?”. For further information you may download the detailed description.  The final workshop programme will be published in December 2022.

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Global Applied Higher Education Summit GAHES

Dubai Dubai

The Global Applied Education Network (GAEN), founded by the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), and the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) are proud to convene the first Global Applied Higher Education Summit (GAHES), to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from February 21-23, 2023. As the first global applied, higher education network, GAEN was launched in October 2018 to create an international community of higher education institutions, committed to excellence in applied education. The member institutions share educational best practices in the fields of science, technology and innovation, graduate employability and development of industry partnerships. They also foster collaborative in applied research and related topics, on a global level. In May 2022, HCT signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EURASHE in order to build a common vision within applied higher education and develop better ways to assess and benchmark performances. As part of that MoU, HCT and EURASHE will collaborate to implement developmental and transformative projects, share best practices in applied higher education.

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5th International VET Conference Crossing Boundaries

Vytautas Magnus University Putvinskio street 23, Kaunas

The Conference Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training is an expert meeting organized around the topics of socio-culturally different systems, institutions and agencies, practitioners and actors in VET and LLL. It is a conference of the European Research Network in VET (VETNET). 

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