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VET between Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development (Online-Kurs)

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Course objective:
In recent years there has been increasing international interest in vocational education and training (VET). The discussion about the success factors of VET and the extent dual VET can offer advantages to developing countries is still ongoing. Switzerland, with its own unique and strong VET system has a long tradition of implementing VET in development countries. Experts from the field will bring their experience to bear in the course, which provides an overview of the systems and process dimensions of VET, opportunities for VET implementation as well as implications and constraints. At the end, participants will have strengthened their competence in portfolio management for VET, skills development and labor market policies.

Key topics:

  • Basic VET concepts and terms
  • Differences and commonalities between VET and related systems
  • Planning and assessment of VET interventions with different objectives: economic development, poverty alleviation, creation of self-​employment or systems development
  • VET Governance
  • VET Financing
  • Dual VET approaches and its transfer into development cooperation
  • Background, potential use and limitations of (national) qualification frameworks

Prof. Dr. Markus Maurer, PHZH
Franz Kehl, KEK-​CDC Consultants
Dr. Kenneth Harttgen, NADEL (Coordination)

13.09. – 17.09.2021

Course hours:
8.30-​12.00 / 13.15-​16.30

Teaching format:

Written assignment during the course, to be finished and handed in two weeks after course completion

ECTS points:

Course fee:
CHF 950

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