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UNESCO – UNEVOC Virtual conference on the future of TVET teaching and learning

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Global disruptions like climate change, digitalization, fourth Industrial revolution, demographic change and migration are having unprecedented impact on our lives, the world of work and the future of learning. The resulting transformations, especially the new job roles, call for learners to upgrade their knowledge, skills and competences constantly. These shifts are not only affecting the content and format of vocational education and training, but also the teaching and training methods (both theoretical and practical).

Ongoing TVET reforms have resulted in the expansion of support mechanisms for teaching staff in many countries, specifically concerning new pedagogies, curricula and use of technologies. However, various dimensions of the future of TVET teaching and learning are yet to be fully unpacked.

As part of a trends mapping study and to mark World Teachers Day on 5 October, UNESCO- UNEVOC will be organising a virtual conference that will look at the future of TVET teaching and learning. This virtual conference seeks to gather knowledge, insights, experiences and promising practices from the international TVET community on the future of TVET teaching and learning in the context of global disruptions and a rapidly changing labour market.

The insights and evidence gathered in this virtual conference will contribute to a trends mapping study that UNESCO-UNEVOC is conducting on the future of TVET teaching and learning

TO PARTICIPATE: Simply register and log into the
UNESCO – UNEVOC TVeT Forum and engage with a network of 6000+ policy makers, providers and practitioners

FORMAT: Guided discussion, moderated by Dr. Gita Subramanyam

FURTHER DETAILS: available at

We hope that you will join us and share your expertise, project examples and other relevant resources with the participants.

UNEVOC Virtual TVET Teaching Conference Background Note with Literature

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