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The 19th ILO Regional Seminar For Labour-Based Practitioners

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The 19th Regional Seminar will be a great opportunity for participants to share views, experiences and review developments in employment-intensive approaches to creating communities that are resilient to socio-economic, environmental and climate change hazards.

The 2023 ILO Regional Seminar is set to bring together more than 500 participants in Kigali, including ministers of labour, TVET, education, policymakers, development partners, employers’ and workers’ associations, labour-based technology practitioners, various bilateral and multilateral organizations, NGOs, academic and research institutions, and the private sector. The ILO Regional Seminar for Labour-based practitioners is held approximately every two years, each time hosted by an African country. The 18th Seminar was held in Tunisia and the 2023 version is hosted by the Ministry of Public Service and Labour.

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