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Seventh CareersNet annual meeting – onsite event

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CareersNet, Cedefop’s network of independent national experts in lifelong guidance and career development, will convene in Stockholm for a half day on 1 June 2023. It is the first onsite meeting for the network since the third annual meeting in Rome in 2019 and the first-time new members who joined since 2021 will meet offline.

The annual meeting will be hosted by Swedish Council for Higher Education, the National Agency for Education, and the Swedish Public Employment Service at the venue of the joint conference New Scenes for Career Guidance. Cedefop is contributing as part of the conference organizing committee, which is also supported by several other partners in the field in Sweden.

CareersNet core experts will meet to discuss ongoing activities related to updating the European Guidelines for systems and policies for lifelong guidance. Mutual exchange of experiences in what regards current national developments in national guidance systems will also be a priority.

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