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Free MOOC of the ILO on Quality Apprenticeships

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Free MOOC on Quality Apprenticeships: Meeting the needs of the Future of Work and addressing challenges posed by COVID 19

The MOOC will allow participants to choose one of the two learning paths:

1. The learning path for policy-makers focuses on the key building blocks of quality apprenticeship policies and systems. It highlights effective strategies and innovative solutions for addressing challenges.
2. The learning path for practitioners focuses on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate apprenticeship programmes. It provides a wide variety of tools and examples of good practices from various countries.

Renowned International experts would facilitate the MOOC. It consists of a 7-weeks online open learning course that requires only 2-4 hours of learning time per week. It allows flexibility for learners to learn anytime and from anyplace. The centerpiece of the MOOC is the establishment of a global network of international policymakers and practitioners to share innovative approaches and practices. Furthermore, considering the objectives of the MOOC, it will focus on participatory activity-oriented learning augmented by interactive-lessons, videos, webinars, peer-to-peer workgroups, strategic mapping and checklists of best practice. The MOOC will be supported by learning material (articles, links, multimedia) and tools that will be made available to each participant. After completing the MOOC, participants can obtain a Certificate. For the registration please click here.

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