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E-Learning Lab on Digital TVET (online course)

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Introduction to the course

The ITCILO organizes this online course for TVET specialists, managers and teachers of TVET centres in order to rapidly develop their capacities for transforming available materials to suit online delivery and also operate distance learning programmes with a strong focus on multimedia, digital (incl. mobile) and interactive learning solutions. The materials designed for this course will be used to sustainably improve TVET Centres‘ overall distance learning capacity and trainers‘ skills to lead e-Learning delivery in TVET; this will benefit TVET systems‘ effectiveness and quality in the short and in the long-term in delivering eLearning and blended learning as part of a modern approach to TVET. This e-Learning training offer is part of ITCILO’s Skills Development portfolio, which targets worldwide capacity building needs to support the implementation of TVET and skills development programmes. The course lasts for a total of 7 weeks, with 5 weeks of tutor-based modules and 2 weeks dedicated to the finalization of their project.

Who attends this course?

Representatives, managers and staff of key TVET stakeholders, such as: – Pedagogical staff of TVET trainers‘ training centres; – Curriculum developers, didactical and managerial staff in National Training Authorities – TVET teachers and trainers, in-company trainers and mentors; – Managers of vocational training centres; – Experts and technical staff from CSOs, NGOs and other civil society actors, working in the field of TVET.

Objectives and Learning Outomes

The course covers the most essential elements, quick tips and hands-on practice allowing participants to rapidly shifting face-to-face content of a module into an online offer. Participants will get familiar with concrete tools and technologies to develop interesting, engaging and entertaining learning contents and to mainstream the latest advancements in technology, including Augmented Reality.

Throughout the modules, participants will create their own e-Lesson through a personalized practice canvas. The e-Lesson created by participants can then be immediately used for e-Learning. Feedback from qualified tutors are provided along the course, including specific Clinique sessions to help them shape their e-Lesson. Interactive webinars are taking place in a weekly basis with inputs from experts from around the world. The course will also be an experience-sharing platform: connecting with other colleagues, opportunities for peer-learning support moments and using the latest e-tools designed to support TVET.






1,055 EUR

Apply here (deadline 17.10.22)

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