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The business sector is in the driving seat in established dual VET systems. However, in many countries this is not (yet) the case and the biggest challenge is to convince the business sector to engage (stronger) in VET. Understanding how companies make their decisions and discussing with them about costs and potential benefits of an engagement in VET may attract their attention. Therefore, it is important to familiarize with cost-benefit considerations that are associated to an engagement of companies in VET.

In this webinar, you will learn about existing methodologies of cost-benefit analyses for companies engaging in dual VET and their relevance, feasibility and applications to development cooperation. In addition, you will benefit from experiences that DC dVET collected on this topic through its work with its members and their projects the partner countries. A very important part of the webinar is a Q&A session where you can bring up your questions, case and ideas.

After this webinar, you will …

  • be aware of the relevance of the topic for development cooperation,
  • understand requirements and suitability of different methodologies,
  • get to know concrete examples/cases, and
  • know where and how to get more information and support.

Registration: Please register for the time that suits you better via the following link by Tuesday 03 May 2022: Registration link.

If you would like to get some insights ahead of the webinar you find the following material on the DC dVET website:

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