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DC dVET BarCamp Gender and Social Inclusion: Measuring Qualitative & Transformative Progress

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How does development cooperation approach and measure GESI in dual VET? How successful were/are governments and projects in introducing GESI responsive and transformative approaches in dual VET projects and in their attempt to measure transformative impact?

The 5th DC dVET BarCamp, will be held on 13th June 2023 for 2 hours (12:00 to 2:15pm CET summertime). It will mark the completion of our GESI learning journey and provide the room to reflect on key take-aways from different perspectives.

The agenda includes a panel discussion and open exchange sessions:

  • Panel Discussion: Let’s hear from donor and implementation perspectives how they approach qualitative and transformative change for GESI in dual VET. The panellists from BMZ-Bonn, SDC- Bern) and GFA Consulting Group-Hamburg exchange on their experiences and the latest discussions and priorities within their institutions.
  • Exchange Sessions: Let’s discuss with donors and implementing organisations on transformative approaches in dual VET projects and successful attempts of measuring transformative impact during the following sessions:
    • BMZ & GFA will launch a discussion on suitable approaches regarding transformative change in dual VET projects and how to effectively measure the impact on women and disadvantaged groups.
    • SDC and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation will invite you to go into a deeper discussion on how transformation in GESI could be measured through Result-Based Financing (RBF) mechanisms. Reference will be made to project experiences in Ethiopia as well as replication experiences of RBF across countries (see the following Blog).
    • GIZ and Swisscontact will discuss global best practices and main challenges when it comes to transformative approaches within GESI and dual VET

Debriefing session: Following the interactive exchange sessions, the DC DVET members (ADA, BMZ, LED and SDC) will conclude by highlighting their learnings from the GESI BarCamps series and will share their key takeaways & way forward.

Please register for the event by Friday 9 June 2023: Register here 


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