Engagement of the Business Sector in VET – DC dVET Workshop with GIZ Kenya

Engaging the business sector in VET is key – doing it in a meaningful way is a key challenge that many of us are confronted with around the world.

To support projects and donors in their reflections, DC dVET has developed a tool in the form of a study and a questionnaire. The tool helps to examine options of business sector engagement and to plan, further develop and/or redirect its own interventions.

The Team of GIZ Agri-Jobs 4 Youth  in Kenya has used the questionnaire to assess the status of cooperation as a first step towards a business sector engagement strategy. In a joint workshop with the DC dVET expert Dr Michael Axman we have supported the team to further deepen the results and identify key entry points for their strategy. We were delighted when at the end of the workshop one of the participants evaluated the process with “I will look at different angles for our strategy that I hadn’t thought of before” and we wish the team a successful continuation of their strategy process.

Are you confronted with similar questions and interested in reflecting your situation with us? Then please contact us at coordination@dcdualvet.org.

Published On: 26. April 2022Kategorien: Allgemein