Project Description

Aligning Education with Labour Market Needs (ALLED) Kosovo, financed by ADA

Project Overview

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the quality and relevance of education programmes and the link between education and the labour market as a precondition for employability and economic development. It seeks to advance cooperation and dialogue between education institutions and social partners. The project is targeted at reaching three main results:

  1. Strengthen the link between Higher Education and labour market needs through the development, modernisation and quality reform of HE programmes to meet labour market needs;
  2. Ensure that the NQF is successfully implemented with validated qualifications offered by accredited institutions at Levels 2-5 of the framework;
  3. Improve the quality of practical and applied teaching and learning (in VET schools in core occupational sectors relevant to labour market needs).

Based on the findings of the inception phase, this project will have two strands of activities which are intertwined in all the components:

  • The development of a sustainable system for evidence based planning of education on labour market needs and the development of institutional and human resource capacity for its implementation and

The achievement of direct outreach to HEis, VET schools, adult training institutions in the field which will benefit from new curricula, equipment, teacher training, etc.

Dual Elements

  • The objective of the ALLED project was to link education to labour market needs. Some of the project results can be used in setting up of the work based learning educational system with dual elements.

  • ALLED achieved strong  bussines sector involvement in:

    1. Selection of Skills Sectors,
    2. Development of the Occupational Standards,
    3. Development of the Qualification/Curricula
    4. Selection of the equipment for the cabinets and Workshops
    5. Involvement of the business sector in the school-based teaching process
    6. Ensuring individual intership placements
  • In addition ALLED:

    • Established Worskhops (might be used as a joint Workshops) based on the needs of the local companies in eight selected VET schools
    • Developed and defined training objectives very broadly to start with basic training;introduced specialisations later to make it easier to students, techers and traners to find out about individual skills and interests
    • Planned to adapt the curricula once a year to follow the requirements of the labour market.

Participants & Contacts

Almir Kovacevic
Almir KovacevicTeam Leader

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