Project Description

Skills for Jobs (S4J) Albania, financed by SDC

Project Overview

The Skills for Jobs project (S4J) strengthens vocational education and training and orients it towards the labour market while making it attractive to youth. It does so by introducing “new ways” of inclusive learning, one to one relations between employers and VET providers, flexible VET offer, and career guidance services. The use of modern technologies like smart phones and social media, through a combination of blended learning and work-based learning approaches is at the core of S4J. The project engages with public VSD providers and companies to fill gaps in skills, knowledge, and attitude of graduates, and to guide their transition from school to work. Enrollment of girls especially in ICT is highly incentivized through promotion and investments in workshops and learning methods. This project complements the Swiss funded Skills Development for Employment Programme that supports VET reforms at the macro-level.

Dual Elements

  • Engaging the private sector in VET Schools: For a long time one of the setbacks in Albania’s VET system was the lack of sustainable contact with the private sector and the labour market. The project is building interesting links between companies and schools. As a result, apprenticeships based on hybrid three partite contracts between school, companies and parents, as well as summer internships are part of cooperation modalities. For the first time in Albanian VET system, practical training is carried out in a company throughout all qualification period starting from the 10th grade.  Other forms of private sector engagement include support to curricula and learning materials development, practical teacher training, and students’ assessment. Industry leaders are sought not only to impart skills to apprentices, but also to publicly endorse VET as a viable career path.

  • In the area of hospitality and tourism, schools are now actively cooperating with top resorts, slow-food and fusion cuisine restaurants, wellness centers and adventure tourism operators.

  • Given the small size and number of ICT companies, distant learning apprenticeship are being developed. In order to bridge practical skills gab in ICT sector, also project-based learning is utilized.  

Participants & Contacts

Fation Dragoshi
Fation DragoshiProject Manager Skills for Jobs
Sidita Dibra
Sidita DibraComponent Manager

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