Project Description

CONSEPT – Strengthening VET

Project Overview

  1. Organisational Development: School Management Courses, School Development Plan, Accountability & Participation and Students’ Council
  2. Staff Development: Occupational Skills Courses (training centre for VET teaching staff, technical University & private sector), Instructional Skills Courses (training & coaching) and Reading & Writing for Critical Thinking
  3. Assessment: Diagnostic Assessment, Module Exams and Final Exams
  4. Content Development: Qualifications, Curricula and Curriculum Framework
  5. Learning Materials: Videos, Study Guides and Worksheets
  6. Material Support: Procurement of Equipment, Consumables and Infrastructure Improvements

Dual Elements

  • As part of School Development Plan, the school establishes cooperation with local companies (1).

  • Occupational skills training run by companies (2)

  • Involvement of companies in the development of assessment criteria & the review of the final exam process (3).

  • Updated curricula to respond to the needs of labour market (4).

  • Increase the length of time spent in a workplacement / internship (4).

  • Beneficiaries: 24 partner VET Schools with the following occupations: Welder, Cook/Pastry Cook, Tailor, Plasterer, Heating & Ventilation Technician.

Participants & Contacts

Pius Frick
Pius FrickCountry Representative
Oxana Poverjuc
Oxana PoverjucDeputy Country Representative
Lilia Stircea
Lilia StirceaCoordinator