Project Description

BMZ, GIZ, KfW in Albania

Strategic Focus in VET

The German Development Cooperation has a strong focus in the VET sector in Albania. 2 programmes are currently being implemented and financed respectively through GIZ and KfW:

The ProSEED programme implemented by GIZ focusses on the areas of economic and regional development, employment promotion and VET. It builds on an integrated approach to address both labour supply and demand within the labour market. The VET component of GIZ within the ProSEED programme, focusses on the cooperation with MFC Kamza and private and public VTCs, which have strong links with the private sector in order to strengthen practical and labour market oriented vocational learning of youth between 19-34, marginalized groups and returnees. ProSEED aims to:

  • Train 4’000 participants, through public and private VTCs and VET schools
  • Include 40% girls and women in the measures
  • 2’000 trained participants will find employment

The Fund for VET and Employment – MFC Kamza by KfW focuses in the expansion of the MFC Kamza infrastructure, by building new workshops and providing equipment, teaching materials and trainings for a sustainable Multifunctional Centre. The main aim is to improve the employment opportunities of the graduates by increasing their practical skills and bringing them nearer to the demand of the private sector. Moreover, a feasibility study will be prepared which will aim to develop a sector-wide approach for financial cooperation and to come up with a preliminary design for a second phase of the existing programme. The programme approach in phase II will aim at incentivising innovative, sustainable and enterprise-led VET providers that enhance the employability of VET graduates.

Dual Elements

  • ProSEEDs programme approach focusses on the cooperation with the private sector by:

    • Promoting work-based-learning
    • Developing curricula that foster practical skills
    • Including internships in trainings
  • Fund for VET and Employment MFC Kamza:

    • Supporting  the practical curricula by building new workshops facilities and providing equipment and teaching materials for the supported trades of the school,
    • Providing training on the usage of the new equipment and developing maintenance concept,
    • Establish a strategy for income generation in cooperation with the private sector

Participants & Contacts

Maren Kneller
Maren KnellerGerman Embassy - Head of Development Cooperation
Katja Roeckel
Katja RoeckelGIZ - Head of Programme
Luisa Dietrich
Luisa DietrichGIZ - Junior Advisor
Viola Buli
Viola BuliKfW - Project Coordinator