Project Description

ADA Cooperation Office in Albania

Strategic Focus in VET

To reduce poverty and high unemployment in rural areas, Austria supports vocational education in hotel and tourism schools with a focus on practice-oriented education. The quality of VET provision is based on international standards in close co-operation with the private sector. Private business partnerships offer internships and know-how for curricula development in the textile industry and NGOs support local partnerships for employment and social inclusion.

Overview Project Portfolio

  • Tourism Education and Training implemented by “Kulturkontakt Austria”

  • Support of Educational and Employment Development implemented by “Today for the Future”.

  • Improving the living conditions and reintegrating migrant children in Albania implemented by “Terre des Hommes”.

  • Strengthening dual education in the Albanian textile industry implemented by the companies Naber, Nikatex and Grori Konfeksion.

Dual Elements

  • Capacity development measures

  • Training and qualification of teachers

  • Modernization of (competence based) curricula

  • Internships for students and teachers in companies

  • Involving and building public-private partnerships

  • Promotion of (social) Entrepreneurship

  • Work based learning including provision of infrastructure in schools

  • Teaching hotels

  • Occupational standards

  • International quality standards

  • Model schools  

  • Study visits to Austrian schools of excellence

  • Access for vulnerable groups

  • Equality in labour market

  • Employment initiatives (grants)

  • Income generating activities

Participants & Contacts

Etleva Kikina
Etleva KikinaHead of Administration
Heinz Habertheuer
Heinz HabertheuerHead of Coordination Office