CONSEPT – Strengthening the Vocational Training System in the Republic of Moldova

Project data
Country: Republic of Moldova
Implementing partner / implementer: LED
Project duration: 2008 – 2018

Project description

  • The objective of the CONSEPT project is to strengthen the vocational education and training system to give better prospects to young people in the Republic of Moldova.

  • LED works very closely with the Education Ministry, the Technical University (for teacher training) and with the state VET schools. Support is given to those schools which show the most commitment and will to cooperate and progress. The project does not replace the state or initiate parallel institutions but does improve the way existing schools are run. Responsibility always lies with the government; the VET schools are funded by the state. This means sustainability is ensured. LED tries to integrate individual dual elements into the existing system and also involve the economy to a greater extent via associations.

  • The project concerns the following levels:

    • Macro level: CONSEPT develops professional standards, qualifications, curricula and teaching material adapted to the needs of the economy. CONSEPT also supports the ministry of education in the development of standardised final exams.
    • Meso level: CONSEPT strengthens the continuing education and training centre of the Technical University of Moldova so that VET school teachers can attend high-quality pedagogical and subject-specific training courses.
    • Micro level: CONSEPT supports 22 VET schools to help them implement high-quality training according to the newly developed curricula.
  • The target groups of the project are students in the following courses: chef, confectioner, electrician, tailor/seamstress, welder, plasterer, heating and ventilation technician; the VET school teachers and the school management of the 22 supported VET schools.

  • Other members of the Donor Committee with vocational education and training activities in the Republic of Moldova: BMZ/GIZ (see project data on the Economic Development Programme – Structural Reform in Vocational Education and Training on the GIZ website) and ADA (see project example ADA, Moldova).