Rural Skills Development support program in Niger – FOPROR

Project data
Country: Niger
Implementing partner / implementer: Swisscontact
Project duration: 2013 – 2016

Project description

  • The objective of the project is to teach basic knowledge and vocational skills in high-quality basic and vocational education and training systems and thus promote the professional integration of young people.

  • Thanks to the project, several training centres have been expanded in the rural areas of Dosso and Maradi in the south of Niger. In the “sites intégrés de formation agricole” (integrated agricultural educational institutions) practice-oriented teaching on topics such as agriculture, livestock breeding, vegetable cultivation and agricultural machines is offered. In the “centres de formation en développement communautaire” (training centres for collaborative development) young people are trained in the areas of machine-building, joinery, tailoring or cooking.

  • SDC has a long-term commitment in Niger. The experiences in the Dosso and Maradi regions should ensure that the vocational education and training system supported by SDC will be gradually introduced everywhere.

  • The target group includes young people (aged between 14 and 30) without a school education or who dropped out from school.

  • Other members with vocational education and training activities in Niger: LED (see project website Better opportunities for unemployed young men and women).

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