Youth employment and qualification

Project data
Country: Republic of Moldova
Implementing partner / implementer: Strabag SE consortium
Project duration: 2013 – 2016

Project description

  • The objective of the economic partnership is to set up and run an occupational centre for the construction industry in the Republic of Moldova (Chișinău).

  • The project therefore helps to counteract the large discrepancy on the Moldovan labour market between the qualification requirements of the construction trade and the mainly theoretically trained skilled workers.

  • The components of the project, as well as the establishment of a specialist partner structure and organisational framework conditions, also include the specific qualification of skilled workers, the training and provision of qualified teaching staff and also mentors, the introduction of qualification standards (certificates, curriculum development) and targeted networking with the private sector.

  • Those who benefit from the project are the training participants, the local construction companies, and also the Moldovan vocational education and training institution.

  • Other members of the Donor Committee with vocational education and training activities in the Republic of Moldova: BMZ/GIZ (see project data on the Economic Development Programme – Structural Reform in Vocational Education and Training on the GIZ website) and LED (see project example LED, Moldova :