Project Description

Skills for Jobs (SfJ) Bosnia and Herzegovina project, financed by SDC

Project Overview

  • Outcome 1 – By the end of Project, systemic relations between companies and handicrafts, on the one side, and VET schools and training providers, on the other side, are developed, aiming at provision of novel opportunities on the labor market for youth and unemployed and those in need of skills upgrade.
  • Outcome 2 – Critical mass of public VET schools reformed their trainings and apprenticeship schemes, in accordance with the SfJ model, and offering to their students’ competences relevant to the employers’ requirements in five most populated Cantons, District Brcko and two regions in RS Entity.
  • Main partners: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy, Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Local Development Agencies, Emplozyment Services
  • Target groups: Schools, VET teachers, companies
  • Beneficiaries: VET school pupils, unemployed persons

Dual Elements

  • Learning outcomes of practical training subject defined for school training and in-company training.

  • In-company mentors for training of pupils will be trained and certified by Ministry, and manual developed and disseminated

  • In-company mentors receive pre-defined part of curricula, according to which pupils are trained

  • In-school coordinator of practical trainings educated, with manual prepared

  • Establishing of local/cantonal advisory coordination body of labor market, composed of industry representatives, educational authorities, employment services

  • Career guidance/promotional activities for VET occupations, with companies and VET schools

Participants & Contacts

Momir Sirko
Momir Sirko Private Sector Coordinator, Skills for Jobs, at Republic Agency for SME Development
Halko Basaric
Halko BasaricPrivate Sector Coordinator, Skills for Jobs, at Republic Agency for SME Development

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