Project Description

Vocational Skills Development Project, financed by SDC

Project Overview

*Project to be launched soon*

Vision of the project: A more inclusive and quality formal and non-formal training system, resulting from a successful engagement and collaboration among training providers and public agencies as well as enterprises, enabling more young women and men to increase their employability and obtain gainful employment.

Beneficiaries: The project will primarily benefit unemployed or underemployed youth, strongly considering gender and ethnicity, but also other groups in socially disadvantaged position.

Main outcomes:

  1. Under- and unemployed women and men, especially those at risk of poverty or social exclusion, have access to and use of inclusive and relevant VSD.
  2. More young women and men have access to and use quality and relevant formal vocational training.
  3. Through enhanced collaboration of all VSD involved actors framework conditions are improved and enable design, implementation and monitoring of VSD.

Dual Elements

  • Building upon the existing practical learning in the vocational schools through cooperation with businesses and/or clusters of enterprises in reaching specific learning outcomes

  • Strengthening and institutionalizing the collaboration between schools/training providers, municipalities and the private sector

  • Enhancing private sector capacities for involvement in education and training (developing mentors and trainers, and supporting exchanges between mentors and teachers)

  • Introducing dual vocational education in companies suitable for dVET

  • Supporting inter-firm cooperation and innovative training institutes in introducing dual elements

Participants & Contacts

Nebojsa Mojsoski
Nebojsa Mojsoski Program Director, Macedonian Civic Education Center
Ivana Georgievska
Ivana Georgievska Macedonian Civic Education Center

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