Project Description

Public Private Partnership to Improve Sanitary Education in Ukraine, financed by SDC

Project Overview

Overall Goal: A model of public-private partnership in vocational education and training will be developed and implemented, contributing to improve the capacity of VET schools to offer market oriented, practical and up to date education in the field of sanitary technology.

Project Outcomes:

  • Training curricula for plumber trainings are developed and approved by the Ministry
  • Selected VET schools are capable to provide labor market oriented trainings in the plumbing sector
  • Graduates from the selected VET schools have the necessary competencies to be employed by the industry

Project Results:

  • Training and Resource Centers for plumbers set up in the 6 project VET schools
  • New vocational educational standard for plumbers adopted by the Ministry
  • Ministry of Education invested 500,000 CHF to set up additional 19 Training and Resource Centers for plumbers
  • 500 graduates in the 6 project VET schools by June 2018
  • New training materials designed and approved by the Ministry of Education

Dual Elements

  • Companies participate in the training materials design

  • Companies host internships for students

  • Companies’ representatives participate in the evaluation board during the qualification exams

Participants & Contacts

Bohdan MaslychExecutive Director, Project Manager

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