Project Description

Private Sector Development & TVET, financed by BMZ

Project Overview

Overall objective: The conditions for sustainable economic development have improved in selected sectors relevant for employment in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia have improved.

Focus: The programme focuses on 3 sectors in each country: Georgia: construction, wine and tourism; Armenia: precision engineering, wine and tourism; Azerbaijan: agriculture/wine and tourism.

Intervention Fields: Private sector development for green and inclusive growth; Vocational qualification and dual TVET; Regional and international exchange.

Target Groups:

For Private sector development: MSME owners and employees in selected sectors with special attention to MSMEs in rural areas and MSMEs run by women.

For TVET: Trainers and training managers in cooperating enterprises,  youth, young adults and jobseekers.

Dual Elements

  • Development and improvement of apprenticeship schemes

  • Improvement of cooperation between government bodies and the private sector

  • Capacity building for colleges and in-company instructors in collaboration with companies

  • Design of new/adapted programmes and realization of dual TVET programmes in collaboration with companies

  • Results achieved:

    • In Georgia, during the previous phase of the programme, 24 VET courses (e.g. electric welding, cook, wine maker) were newly developed or adjusted according to international occupational standards. These vocational courses were offered by 130 public and private training institutions including dual elements. Several courses included dual elements, such as the training of vocational teachers by in-company instructors or the design and furnishing of workshops according by companies.
    • In Georgia, 300 owners of hotels and guesthouses in the tourist areas of Upper Racha und Anaklia improved the quality of their services. 80 % of the managers and owners of guesthouses who are trained created new jobs by hiring new staff due to increased demand.
    • In Georgia, the first formalized fully dual TVET course “Wine Grower and Winemaker” was accredited and its implementation started. Eight companies and two TVET schools currently offer dual vocational trainings to 24 learners. The dual TVET Programmes  was jointly developed with the Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau in Veitshöchheim, Germany.

Participants & Contacts

Johannes Fleischle
Johannes FleischleAdvisor PSD and TVET

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