Project Description

TVET in Bosnia-Herzegovina, financed by BMZ

Project Overview

Bosnia-Herzegovina has a high unemployment rate and at the same time an economy, which is not growing as fast as it could as qualified manpower is not available.

The strategic focus is to improve the existing TVET system through enriching it with dual system elements in order to reach a much better labour market orientation and therefore a higher employability of the graduates of the TVET system and hence a stronger workforce to contribute to economic growth.

Dual Elements

  • Establishing TVET councils for a close work relation between the private (enterprises) and public sector (TVET colleges, ministries, chambers, etc.)

  • Building up structures to enable industry to take their responsibility in practical training, which includes training of mentors within the enterprises, procedures how school and enterprise decides about the learning content they are responsible for, etc.

  • Involving enterprises in the process of standard development as a guarantee that relevant topics are reflected in the standard and therefore also in the curricula of the colleges

  • Developing a proposal for a revised exam/ assessment procedure whereby enterprises are part of the exam/ assessment committee

Participants & Contacts

Isabel Rapp
Isabel RappProject Manager

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