Project Description

Community Development Center “Today for the Future” Albania, financed by ADA

Project Overview

“Today for the Future” is a leading organization in Albania serving for mobilization and empowerment of communities in need of help.

Driven by the vision as well as using innovative methods, “Today for the Future” has scored successful approaches of gender empowerment, volunteering and activation of young people, protecting the environment, mediation for employment and other different services as well as the participation and community mobilization. “Today for the Future” works hand in hand with the local government, national and international agencies as well as civil society and private sector.

Today for the Future

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Dual Elements

  • Direct provision of professional /lifeskills training and courses <–> Raising capacities of VET public providers in delivering professional training and courses

  • Tailoring  short practical  lifeskills/professional curricula <–> Professional accredited curricula for VET public centers in guesthouse and lifeskills

  • Meetings with target groups on their needs prior delivering training <–> Assessment of regional and sectoral needs and resources as ground for tripartite actions (VET providers, businesses, local authorities)

  • Direct employment mediation to businesses <–> Joint involvement for employment (MoSWY, Labor offices, VET providers, businesses, beneficiaries)

  • Awareness raising on economic empowerment;

    Gender equality in economic empowerment;

    Media inclusion as important partner in raising image of VET;

    Raising capacities of local authorities and VET providers in social dialogue;

    Testimonies of beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders;

    Complementary services tailored for target groups;

    Promotion of local development through VET benefits;

    Coordination, networking, exchange;

    –> There is always space and time for new ideas coming from beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders

Participants & Contacts

Fabiola Laço Egro
Fabiola Laço EgroExecutive Director
Stefani Manjola
Stefani ManjolaProgram Manager

Further information

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