New Collaborators in the DC dVET Team

Since 1st December 2021, the DC dVET Team works in a new team constellation:

Ingrid Portenkirchner took over from Sibylle Schmutz as head of the secretariat. Ingrid Portenkirchner has many years of experience in supporting the development of dual approaches in different contexts as well as in the conception and implementation of various trainings with a specific focus on e-learning. In addition to her leadership role, she is responsible for the Domain Capacity Building.

Lisa Pesendorfer has joined the team as Co-Lead for Communication and Monitoring. Lisa Pesendorfer has many years of experience in dual VET, especially in Latin America, with a focus on the establishment of public-private partnerships and organisational development.

Still with the DC dVET team are Katharina Jaik, now responsible for the Domain Thematic Expertise, and Sibylle Schmutz as Co-Lead Communication and Monitoring.

For more information and contact details see here.

Published On: December 1st, 2021Categories: News