Georgian-German TVET Days and DC dVET Meeting in Georgia

Georgian-German TVET Days (15th/ 16th June 2019)

DC dVET was invited to participate at the Georgian-German TVET Days in Tbilisi on June 15th and 16th 2019 a huge event comprising a public part outside on the Republic Square and two expert conferences (Expert-to-Expert talks on Saturday and the Skills4Georgia talks on Sunday).

DC dVET, represented by K. Jaik (DC dVET secretariat) and M. Soddemann (GIZ on behalf of BMZ), together with Kurt Schmid (ibw Austria) participated in different workshop sessions at the Expert-to-Expert talks. The interactive format allowed an active exchange among the approx. 250 Georgian and International Experts. The discussion among the experts have addressed various issues related to the further modernisation of the Georgian VET system. The DC dVET experts had the chance to learn a lot about the current situation, dynamics, chances and challenges in Georgia but also had the opportunity to enrich the discussion with their expertise from the dual systems and experiences in other contexts.

DC dVET was particularly involved in the workshop session on “Enabling Companies Getting Involved in dual TVET”. During the session the following topics have been addressed:

  • Dual TVET as an instrument of improved communication, quality and relevance of TVET
  • How to improve company capabilities for becoming the partner in TVET provision
  • Regulations for clear roles and responsibilities

The discussions were intensive and showed the high interest of the present actors on the engagement of companies in VET. It was particularly interesting to hear how the different actors assess the possible formats work-based learning in Georgia as well as the related roles and responsibilities of the actors involved.

Meeting with DC dVET Members and Project Partners in Georgia (17th June 2019)

DC dVET also used the opportunity of its presence in Tbilisi to meet the DC dVET members and their implementing partners in Georgia. The meeting took place on Monday 17 June with representatives from ADA, BMZ and SDC as well from GIZ, KfW and UNDP (LED does not have a presence in Georgia). The fruitful meeting allowed the participants to share and discuss their main issues in VET and assess how DC dVET could be supportive to them.

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