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Microcredentials – a labour market megatrend

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The conference ´Microcredentials – a labour market megatrend´ will present the final findings of Cedefop´s project Microcredentials for labour market education and training.

The event will be an opportunity for policy-makers, stakeholders, experts and researchers  from education and training, industry and beyond, to be informed on the emerging role of microcredentials in supporting labour-market-related and employment-relevant education, training and learning.

The conference will offer participants insights on the perceived added value of microcredentials for end users, as well as create a space for reflection and discussion of microcredentials’ broader uptake and function. Building on research carried out by Cedefop in recent years, the conference complements the ongoing political discussion on tools and initiatives supporting people in their lifelong learning pathways as described in the July 2020 Skills Agenda, the Council Recommendation on vocational education and training (VET) and the 2020 Osnabrück Declaration.

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