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Massive Open Online Course on Quality Apprenticeships

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Introduction to the course

The aim of this MOOC is to develop a holistic understanding of policies and systems related to quality apprenticeships. It is structured around seven modules that address the two main dimensions of the development of quality apprenticeships systems: – National policy and the creation and development of national or sectoral apprenticeships systems based on six “building blocks”; – Topics closely related to their practical implementation

Who attends this course?

Policymakers and technical advisors of ministries working in the area of skills development, TVET, work-based learning and apprenticeships; representatives and staff of national and sectoral agencies working on qualifications and the management of training centres and apprenticeship training; members of skills councils, national TVET authorities and similar institutions; representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations involved in apprenticeships; experts and technical staff working in the field of TVET planning and skills development; experts and technical staff of CSOs, NGOs and other civil society actors working in the field of skills development, TVET, work-based learning and apprenticeships.







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