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Knowledge transfer in international cooperation projects: The challenges in training experts and teaching staff

International cooperation in VET has developed considerably in recent years. Vocational training actors have been able to learn many lessons from the experiences gained in terms of improving the quality and sustainability of cooperation initiatives. In particular, awareness has grown in recent years that an educational model cannot be “exported” to another country, completely detached from a country’s socioeconomic conditions and, in particular, from the actors who are supposed to make the educational model work. What seems relatively transferable, on the other hand, are skills for preparing, developing and implementing educational programs. Thus, for several years now, cooperation projects with partner countries have increasingly focused on initiatives aimed at training teachers and vocational training experts.

The aim of the conference is to highlight the topic of “knowledge transfer” in the field of international cooperation and to discuss its implementation and challenges.

The symposium will be attended by various international experts, including: Stefano Merante (International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin), Harry Stolte (GIZ Academy), Marthe Geiben (BIBB).

Various actors from the field will present concrete initiatives: Thomas Meier (SFIVET), Roby Rampin Regional Advisor in Skills Development Swisscontact, representative of Helvetas, Charly Yafong (Vocational School, Freiburg).

Finally, experts in the field of international cooperation (Markus Maurer, PH ZH and Brigitte Colarte-Dürr, SDC) will share their assessments.

The conference will be held in three languages (German, French, English). It is open to all interested persons.

The definitive conference program will be announced at the beginning of the academic year in September 2020.

Please register by contacting the organizers:

Dr. Lorenzo Bonoli
+41 58 458 22 64
E-Mail: lorenzo.bonoli@iffp.swiss

Erik Swars
+41 58 458 22 54
E-Mail: erik.swars@iffp.swiss

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