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ITC ILO E-learning course on Social Partners Involvement in Skills Development

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Introduction to the course

The ITCILO, in close cooperation with ILO’s ACTEMP and ACTRAV Bureaux and SKILLS branch, organizes for the first time this course dedicated to social partners’ representatives to reflect and discuss their involvement in skills development systems, building on best practices from all around the world. Their contribution at national, sectoral and enterprise levels is key to ensure the relevance and quality of training programmes and minimizing skills mismatches towards improved sustainability of businesses and enhanced opportunities for decent work. This eLearning training offer is part of ITCILO’s Skills Development portfolio, which targets worldwide capacity building needs to support the implementation of TVET and skills development programs.

Who attends this course?
Members or staff of employers’ or workers’ organizations interested in skills development, such as:

– Representatives in skills councils, national TVET authorities, qualification agencies or similar institutions;

– Employers or workers working in close connection with and board members of TVET Centres

– HR managers and trade union representatives involved in skills-related agreements

– Employers or workers involved in work-based learning and apprenticeships


The aim of the course is to build the capacities of employers’ and workers’ organizations to improve the social partners’ engagement in skills systems, adopting successful approaches and tools to foster different forms of involvement.

By the end of the programme, participants will have strengthened their technical knowledge to have a better understanding of the importance of social partners’ contribution to the quality, relevance and governance of skills development policies and programs, which are a key feature in the labour relations, basing on the new evidences collected by the ILO.

Highlighting successful international experiences of bipartite social dialogue at enterprise and sectoral level, the participants will be able to identify the factors that contribute to a meaningful and effective participation of social partners in the skills development domain. Expert tutors support participants in properly analysing bottlenecks and challenges of their own organization’s involvement in the skills area with the objective of identifying new services to be proposed to their members to boost their engagement in the skills arena.

Module 1: The design and governance of skills policies and the role of social partners
Module 2: Multi-stakeholder financing models of skills development systems
Module 3: Participation of social partners to the training cycle, from skills anticipation to assessment, including standards’ and curricula development and delivery of the training programme
Module 4: Case studies of bipartite social dialogue on skills at enterprise and sectoral level
Module 5: Extension of skills-related services for members of employers’ and workers’ organizations

Format and methodology

This innovative e-learning course has been designed according to a learner-centred approach in order to better involve participants and keep them motivated. It is highly interactive and engaging, using different methods throughout the five modules to make the content interesting, relevant and entertaining.

After the participant has completed each module and submitted the assignment through the course platform, the participant will be given access to the next module. Participants who successfully complete the simple assignments required will receive a Certificate of Participation.


Participants will be required to have a good knowledge of written English as training materials will be available on the e-platform in this language.

Application and fees

If you wish to participate in this course, please fill in the online application at the above link.
The application should be accompanied by a letter from the sponsoring organization OR a personal letter committing to cover participation cost (500 Euros).

These two documents should reach us by Friday 12 June 2020.

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