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DC dVET BarCamp Gender & Inclusion in Dual VET in Development Cooperation: Getting Beyond Indicators

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Gender and Social Inclusion are key concerns in development cooperation. What about dual VET where companies play a key role? Are there any promising approaches that go beyond the mere fulfilment of indicators?

This Online BarCamp provides a space to exchange with your peers. In this open form event, each participant becomes an active contributor – by defining a session theme, providing an input and/or contributing actively to the discussions.

The BarCamp will contain the following elements (for more program details see our interactive map):

Thematic input by Sandra Rothboeck (experienced VET specialist)

Open Sessions (two rounds of 45’ each, hosted by participants): For the moment, the following sessions are offered (more detailed information on the sessions will follow):

  • digiCAP: Conscious Efforts for an Enabling Environment for Disability Inclusion (project experience from Ghana)
  • Green Transition, TVET & Gender: Fostering Green Talent vs. Green Gender Gap
  • Women Wonderland Rwanda: Vocational Education in a Narrative vs. the Reality
  • Dual VET in Nepal through the ENSSURE Project: Strategy for Gender Equality & Social Inclusion
  • TVET, Gender and Employability: Implementation Challenges in the Build for Skills Project in Mozambique.
  • Overcoming Barriers for People with Physical Disabilities in Dual VET: Sharing Experiences
  • Challenging Stereotypes: Women in the Labour Market: Discussion based on Experiences in Albania and Serbia
  • Women Wonderland Rwanda: Vocational Education in a Narrative vs. the Reality
  • Add your topic here

There will also be space to add some sessions spontaneously during the event itself.

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