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Conference on Cooperative Higher Education (CORE conference)

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The Conference on Cooperative Higher Education (CORE conference) is the first conference on the application of a cooperative approach to higher education programs in Jordan. The central element of this approach is the joint organization of an entire program or a large part of it in close cooperation between an education institution and the respective industry, with students dividing their study between academic and work periods, closely coordinated to form a “work integrated” practical curriculum.

The CORE Conference will focus on Higher Education (undergraduate programs and Master programs) and provide comprehensive information on the principles of cooperative higher education, the commonalities with Dual TVET and a wealth of experience with key practical and theoretical issues towards quality assurance and management. Presentations and workshops will include experience from Europe, with a focus on Germany, regional experience such as from Palestine and first implementations in Jordan and also give an outlook on global developments and cooperation opportunities.

The conference will be conducted in the framework of the MOVE-HET project. MOVE-HET is a GIZ project supporting labor market oriented education, higher education and training.

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