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Building digital competence The UNESCO-UNEVOC Digital Competency Framework Online Initiative

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This webinar launches a new initiative by UNESCO-UNEVOC to bring together digital skills and competence frameworks in an online portal. The work is led by Graeme Atherton, Glenda Crosling and Angela Lee from Sunway University, Malaysia.

Across the world over recent years, governments, international organizations and the private sector have been developing frameworks for digital competence which support citizens, policy-makers and practitioners to understand the skills required in the 21st century digital world. In technical and vocational education and training (TVET), the development of students’ digital skills and competence play a key role in preparing them for effective functioning in the digital economy and society.

The webinar is set to include inputs from organizations leading on the development of digital competence frameworks at the country and international level. It will also outline new ways forward for extending access to digital competency for all.

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