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BILT Bridging Event Europe 2024: Towards Inclusive Excellence in TVET

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BILT Bridging Events are organized consecutively in each of the focus regions of BILT (Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe) and hosted by a UNEVOC Centre that is an active networking node for TVET stakeholders in the region and beyond.

The BILT Bridging Event Europe is hosted by La Cometa Società Cooperative Sociale, organized by the UNESCO-UNVEOC International Centre for TVET and the BIBB.

The event provides a platform for international policy learning, knowledge exchange, innovation transfer and networking among TVET policymakers, practitioners and researchers. It takes European perspectives as starting point for interregional discussion and collaboration on future-oriented TVET systems and TVET delivery.

The BILT Bridging Event aims to

  • promote policy learning between high-level TVET stakeholders in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific and – at this event – taking European approaches as a starting point;
  • support peer learning among BILT community members on concrete innovative measures to foster international collaboration and implement inclusive TVET;
  • invite the TVET community in Europe and beyond to collaborate with BILT;
  • and disseminate on policy- and practice level the final report and compendium of innovative TVET practices of the 2023 BILT Expert Group on the dual transition in the hospitality and tourism sector.

Target group:

  • TVET decision makers and TVET research agencies advising policymakers, TVET experts from UNEVOC Centers and from international organizations.

The on-site event is by invitation only. During the three days, selected plenary session will be streamed online. Online participation is open to a global audience. Please find more information and the possibility for online-registration here: BILT inclusive excellence (

Information on the BILT project: BIBB / BILT – Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET

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