DC dVET’s library with external publications updated!

In addition to an overview of its own publications, as well as the relevant publications of the four members, DC dVET also offers a virtual library with relevant publications on the topic of (dual) VET in development cooperation. In different languages, you will find literature on current topics such as COVID-19, but also classic topics such as permeability, cost-benefit analyses for companies, system reforms in VET, as well as country or region-specific publications in the field of (dual) VET. Are you looking for a specific topic? You can use the full-text search function to find publications that are relevant to you by entering keywords.

Now it’s your turn: How useful is this database for you? Do you have any suggestions, requests or further literature you would like us to include? We look forward to your feedback at coordination@dcdualvet.org.

Published On: January 28th, 2021Categories: General