DC dVET Workshop in the Rep. of Moldova – 26th /27th June 2018

Upon request of the DC dVET members in the Republic of Moldova a workshop was taking place on the 26/27 June 2018 in Chişinău. During the two-days’ workshop opportunities and chances of dual VET in the Republic of Moldova as well as the respective positions and activities of the DC dVET members were intensively discussed.

Day 1 – Workshop with Partners: In total more than 60 representatives from businesses, administration, schools, research and the non-profit sector were participating. The high interest and the dedicated discussion have clearly shown the current dynamics of dual VET in the Republic of Moldova.

Day 2 – Workshop mit Donors and Project Implementers: The focus of the second day was on the in-depth discussion of key issues and positions of the DC dVET member in the Republic of Moldova. As a result, the two key topics “support for schools and teachers”, and “cooperation management in dual VET” were discussed in depth and joint steps for further cooperation agreed.

Format of the Workshop as DC dVET offer: The format of the workshop with a semi-public part and an internal part was defined together with the DC dVET members in Moldova according to their needs. The aim of the workshop was to take up, deepen and advance the already intensive exchange among them. Through the organisation and moderation by the DC dVET, supplemented by the technical expertise of Prof. D. Euler, the workshop enabled the DC dVET members in Moldova to analyse and discuss their strategic questions with partners (day 1) and internally (day 2) outside their daily routine in a trustworthy environment together.

For further see Event-Side (password protected).

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