DC dVET Workshop in Georgia – December 3rd to 5th, 2019

Upon the request of the DC dVET members in Georgia, a workshop took place from December 3rd to 5th in Tbilisi. During this three-day workshop, opportunities and challenges of dual VET in Georgia were analysed and the positions and activites of the members, in particular with regard to the engagement of the business sector in VET, were discussed in depth.

Days 1 and 2 – Workshop with Donors and Project Implementers: The focus of the first two days was to find a common understanding among the DC dVET members and their implementers and to analyse the strategic framework and vision for dual VET in Georgia. As a result, a joint position was developed, which was then shared and discussed with the external partners on the third day.

Day 3 – Workshop with external Partners: In addition to donors and project implementers, a total of about 20 people from the Ministry of Education, the EU delegation in Georgia and the organised business sector took part. The great interest and the dedicated discussions clearly demonstrated the relevance and importance of dual VET in Georgia.

Format of the Workshop as DC dVET offer: The format of the workshop with an internal part at the beginning and a semi-public part at the end was defined together with the DC dVET members in Georgia according to their needs. The aim of the workshop was to deepen and advance the already intensive exchange and to be able to appear with one voice. Through the organisation and moderation of the workshop by DC dVET, supplemented by the technical expertise of Kurt Schmid, the workshop enabled the DC dVET members and implenters in Georgia to analyse and discuss their strategic questions in a trustworthy environment, initially internally (days 1 and 2) outside their usual daily routine and then, in a second step (day 3), to present and discuss the common positions with external partners such as the Georgian Ministry of Education and the EU delegation in Georgia.

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