DC dVET supports CINTERFOR course on Quality Apprenticeships

From September 28 to November 13, 2020, the DC dVET participated in an online course on “Quality Apprenticeships”, organized by CINTERFOR, the ILO’s Inter-American Center for Knowledge Development in Vocational Education. The CINTERFOR toolkit on the topic (available in English and Spanish) served as a general basis for the course. The participating countries Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama and Peru each participated with tripartite teams that worked together to develop an action plan to improve VET in their respective countries.

The DC dVET acted as “godfather” for the team of the Dominican Republic and advised the National Training Institute of the Dominican Republic (INFOTEP). INFOTEP has been running a successful dual program in close cooperation with the private sector since the 1980s. The most important current challenge is to convince more companies to participate in the dual training program.

Since its foundation, the DC dVET has been dealing with various aspects of this central and widespread challenge. Besides the Working Tool for the Engagement of the Business Sector and the Discussion Note and webinar documentation on the topic of financial incentives for companies in VET, the documentation of the webinar on cost-benefit analyses for companies in VET is also available on the DC dVET homepage. During the course it became apparent that these topics were not only specifically relevant for the Dominican Republic but were also identified as pressing issues for the other participating country teams.

The recordings of the CINTERFOR webinars and other interesting contributions from the course can be found on the CINTERFOR YouTube channel.

Published On: December 2nd, 2020Categories: General