Companies Engaging in Dual VET: Do Financial Incentives Matter? New DC dVET Discussion Note

Why do companies engage in dual VET? Are financial incentives decisive for their engagement? What are the pros and cons of offering such support measures? And what examples of incentive concepts do exist?

The newly released DC dVET Discussion Note provides an overview on the basic types of incentives and identifies the critical questions, chances and drawbacks related to such measures.

While it is generally assumed that companies benefit from their engagement in dual VET, there are a number of reasons that call for a deeper examination of the topic in the context of development cooperation. This publication aims to foster a well-informed and differentiated discussion of the topic in the context of development cooperation. It offers basic information about incentive schemes and outlines a set of key questions that help structuring the analysis in a specific country/context. Apart from general considerations, the paper presents the existing incentive schemes in the DC dVET member countries Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland and some recent concepts from Eastern Europe.

On our general topic page “Financial Incentives”, you can download the new Discussion Note and find further relevant information on the topic including an interview with DC dVET members and Projects in Serbia.

Published On: September 4th, 2019Categories: General