Recommended book “Exportartikel Berufsbildung?” (“VET – an export good?”)

In December 2016 Matthias Jäger, Markus Maurer and Martin Fässler, three Swiss VET experts published their new book “Exportartikel Berufsbildung?” (“Vocational Education and Training – an export good?”). On 200 pages they discuss the practice and potential of skills development in international development. The book can be ordered from hep Verlag, unfortunately it is only available in German.

Co-Author Matthias Jäger explains the key underlying ideas (in English) in this interview.

Further readings on VET in Switzerland and abroad (in english):

  • Rudolf H. Strahm, Bruno H. Geiger, Cornelia Oertle, Erik Swars: Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland – Success factors and challenges for sustainable implementation abroad. Bern, 2016: hep Verlag, ISBN 978-3-0355-0536-8
  • Ursula Renold, Franz Probst: The Swiss Vocational Education and Training Initiative India – Background, Concept and Results of the Pilot Project 2008-2013. Bern, 2016: hep Verlag, ISBN 978-3-0355-0375-3
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