The secretariat was appointed by the members of the Donor Committee. As part of a public tender the mandate for this was granted to the consortium consisting of Swisscontact, INBAS GmbH, KEK-CDC Consultants and L&R Social Research. The secretariat is under the direction of Swisscontact.

Responsibility for the secretariat lies with the secretariat manager. She is supported in her work by two collaborators and three country representatives who ensure the four member countries are incorporated in the secretariat.

Field of activity

The secretariat coordinates the activities of the Donor Committee and supports this in the operative implementation. The main tasks of the secretariat include positioning the theme of dual vocational education and training in development cooperation, establishing effective knowledge and networking management, and reviewing and communicating approaches, experiences and results.

The secretariat management is the official contact point for enquiries to the Donor Committee and for information which needs to be shared with or via the Donor Committee.


Contact details

Secretariat of the Donor Committee for dual Vocational Education and Training (DC dVET) 
Hardturmstrasse 123
CH-8005 Zürich
Telefon: +41 44 454 17 07


Our team

Sibylle Schmutz
Sibylle Schmutz Head
Phone: +41 44 454 17 07
Maria-Anna Fernández
Maria-Anna FernándezCollaborator
Phone: +41 44 454 17 87
Katharina Jaik
Katharina JaikCollaborator
Phone: +41 44 454 17 07
Wolfgang Schlegel
Wolfgang Schlegel INBAS GmbH
Country Link Germany
Walter Reiter
Walter Reiter L&R Sozialforschung OG
Country Link Austria
Franz Kehl
Franz KehlKEK-CDC Consultants
Deputy Head and Country Link Liechtenstein & Switzerland

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