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Our offer to the members and their projects and programmes

The objective of the Donor Committee is to support its members and their projects and programmes in their continued thematic development and to promote exchange and coordination among each other. The focus is on the question of how the strengths of dual VET can be better used in development cooperation. The dual VET systems of the member countries are used as a reference and inspiration and not as a blueprint.

In this regard the Donor Committee offers its members and projects a series of services. For larger enquiries, the precise implementation modalities including funding are discussed and agreed on selectively. If larger enquiries are made by project partners, these should to be communicated beforehand with the responsible member (donor of the project).

The offers comprise the following services:


Do you need additional information on a theme?

We will help you find this. Use our website or contact us directly (coordination@dcdualvet.org).


Do you want to know who can support you in a specific question and do you want corresponding contacts?

We will support you find the person(s) / institution(s) with corresponding experience.


Together with other members you want to improve mutual exchange/coordination. Do you want to have this process accompanied or moderated selectively and benefit from experiences in other countries?

We will support you to mutually define and introduce coordination formats and mechanisms.


Are you planning to improve the positioning of your activities in the area of (dual) VET and do you want selective support, e.g. as part of a public event?

We will support you to improve your communication and positioning in the area of dual  VET, e.g. with a joint appearance at an event.

Thematic work and documentation:

For your work in the area of (dual) VET you need more detailed information or tools on a specific theme / question?

We can support you to prepare a theme and document it in the form of a study, tool, etc.

Working groups:

Do you want exchanges with other members, projects and programmes on a specific theme/question? 

We will support you, for example, to set up a (temporary) working group, provide you with a corresponding online platform and moderate the working group if necessary.

Thematic support:

You need selective support with regard to the integration of elements of dual VET in policy dialogue, in your country programme and/or at the level of your projects and programmes?

We can provide you with thematic support at specific times, e.g. as part of planning and evaluation processes and contribute the perspective of dual VET.

External publications and links

Dual vocational education and training in the international context is currently being discussed intensively – including outside development cooperation. Here we would like to refer to relevant publications in this field.

The publications are divided into the following three areas:

If you also have a recommendation for us, send us the publication or the link to it.

Please use the contact form for this.

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Projects and programmes

Here the Donor Committee presents several projects and programmes of its members in the area of (dual) vocational education and training by way of example. For the complete documentation on the project portfolios of the members, please visit the websites of the members themselves (links to the projects data bases are here).

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