Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)

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Manuel Frick (Deputy Director Department for Economy and Development, Special Division International Humanitarian Cooperation and Development, AAA), DC dVET founding event, 14. April 2016 (in German)

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) carries out public development cooperation on behalf of the Liechtenstein government. LED supports projects in ten focus countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa in the areas of education and rural development. Important cross-sectional themes for the project work are human rights, social justice and gender equality, as well as climate, environment and resource conservation. LED’s funds are mostly used for development projects with local partners in the South or with partner organizations from Europe. LED has coordination offices in Chişinău (Moldova), La Paz (Bolivia) and Harare (Zimbabwe).

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Vocational education and training has been a key issue for LED for many years. LED invests in VET because it enables an effective and lasting improvement in the living conditions of young people and adults. They learn traditional professions and practical skills, they receive technical assistance to help them become independent and are accompanied on their chosen pathway. In 2017, 49% of LED project funds were used in the education sector, around half of which in vocational training. In addition, some rural development projects (mainly in West Africa) have significant vocational training components.

LED and its partner organizations adapt the type of support they provide to the specific needs of the local labor market and existing vocational education and training systems. The dual system is used as a reference and inspiration, in particular with regard to the quality of schools and teaching staff, the practice orientation of training programs, the integration of the private sector and the promotion of cooperation between schools and companies.

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