Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Logo ADA, Austrian Development Agency, Member Logo of Donor Committee for Dual Vocational Training, Mitglieder Logo des Geberkomittee für duale Berufsbildung

Anton Mair (Deputy Director Section for Development, Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs). DC dVET founding event, 14. April 2016 (in German)

Every year the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) carries out approximately 650 projects and programs with a total volume of EUR 500 million, in order to improve the living conditions in developing countries. ADA focuses on areas in which Austria has proven know-how and longstanding experience. The focal issues include water, energy and food security, the economy and development, the safeguarding of peace and human safety, human rights as well as education. In the field of education, ADA focuses on vocational education and training, higher education as well as science and research. In all programs and projects, equal integration of women and the needs of marginalized groups (e.g. people with disabilities) are particularly emphasized.

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By promoting vocational education and training, ADA is pursuing the goal of ensuring people have access to appropriately paid work and have the prospect of productive employment. ADA supports the establishment and strengthening of modern vocational education and training systems in line with local demand. The educational and training measures, both inside and outside schools, as well as the combination of school-based and in-company training aim to provide participants with professional knowledge and skills, in particular to disadvantaged population groups and regions.

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Reducing poverty, ensuring peace and protecting the environment – these are the three main goals of the Austrian Development Cooperation. ADA’s work is oriented towards the international development agenda, it establishes implementation principles and quality criteria, and subsequently examines the effect of the promoted measures. In the field of vocational education and training, there are currently two key documents:

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